Succesfull Congresses

  • Annually the conference is a meeting place for about 1.500 experts from more than 20 countries. Representatives of polices, border polices, secret services as well as governments, parliaments and industries participate in the conference.

  • The “European Police Congress” is an international congress for decision makers from police forces and security authorities and industries. Its intention is to strengthen the dialogue be-tween the authorities and enable the participants to establish new contacts to colleagues from all over the world.

  • Every year critical discussions on up-to-date
    issues are held and the latest developments in technologies for the professional use in the security sector are presented by the exhibitors. The European Police Congress is the largest conference for internal security in the European Union.

  • 2003

    Protection of European Borders

    Internal security – Combatting terrorism

  • 2004

    Fight against terrorism and civil protection

    structure & coordination

  • 2005

    Internal Security in the Europe of the 25

    Extremism and Terrorism

  • 2006

    Security at large Events

    Risk Management - Commanding Structures - Technical Equipment

  • 2007

    The European Security Strategy

    Concepts and Technologies against Terrorism

  • 2008

    European Security Architectures

    Information Technologies – Intelligence – Operations

  • 2009

    European Security

    Prevention: Principles, Strategies and Technology

  • 2010

    Information: The security challenge

    Information Acquisition – Analysis – Exchange – Archiving

  • 2011

    European Security in Transition

    Migration – Integration

  • 2012

    Networked Security

    Terrorism Homegrown – International – Cyber

  • 2013

    Safety and Security


  • 2014

    Interfaces of Security Architecture

    National – European – Global

  • 2015

    Challenges and Constraints for Security

    Liberty Europe’s Security Infrastructure and Architecture

  • 2016

    Local crime scene

    Global cause terrorism – cyber – organised crime

  • 2017

    Europe – boundless?

    Liberty, Mobility, Security

  • 2018

    Better linked up security

    Information - Prevention - Repression

  • 2019

    Focus Europe

    Migration – Integration – Security