At 3M, we apply science in collaborative ways to improve lives daily. With over $31 billion in sales, our 90,000 employees connect with customers all around the world. In the D-A-Ch region, 3M has more than 7,000 employees at 22 locations. In addition to well-known products such as adhesives, abrasives and Post-It® sticky notes, 3M offers a product portfolio of occupational safety products for police, fire and emergency preparedness. Learn more about 3M’s creative solutions to the world’s problems at

Axon formerly known as TASER International makes communities safer with innovative public safety technologies. Founded in 1993, Axon first transformed law enforcement with its electrical devices. Axon continues to define smarter policing with its growing suite of connected products and services from body cameras and digital evidence management tools to mobile apps. More than 190,000 lives have been saved from death or serious injury with Axon products and services. Learn more at

The Bund Deutscher Kriminalbeamter e.V. (BDK) is a professional association for police officers at Germany’s Criminal Investigation Departments and all civil and public servants working in the field of criminal investigation.
For more than 50 years it stands up for the professional, economic, social and cultural interests of its members.
The BDK advises the federal government and state governments, members of the Bundestag and state parliaments on questions related to the national and international fight against crime and crime prevention.
Through its work in the political sphere, in public and in security organisations the BDK actively contributes to the development of a practical-oriented, realistic and modern crime fighting.

Bundesdruckerei-Gruppe GmbH acts as the parent company for the subsidiaries and is also responsible for management of the Group’s minority interests. Bundesdruckerei-Gruppe GmbH is a direct, wholly-owned subsidiary of the German federal government; as a government IT security company, it assumes social responsibility and is particularly committed to Germany’s digital sovereignty. The Group’s subsidiaries offer products and solutions for secure identities, secure data and secure infrastructure for the public sector and for particularly sensitive areas of society and the enterprise sector.

Its subsidiaries include Bundesdruckerei GmbH with its subsidiary Maurer Electronics GmbH, as well as D Trust GmbH, genua GmbH and iNCO Spółka z o.o. The Group currently employs a workforce of more than 3,000 and in 2019 generated revenue of around EUR 602 million. Bundesdruckerei-Gruppe GmbH also holds interests in Veridos GmbH, DERMALOG Identification Systems GmbH, cv cryptovision GmbH and Verimi GmbH. For more information, go to:

Especially for the police, timely and appropriate information management is an indispensable prerequisite. Information technology is already one of the decisive factors for police and administrative work – and its significance will continue to increase. The IT division of the BKA does not only serves as the central IT service provider for the BKA internally but also performs this task for all German police forces at federal and states level as part of the BKA’s central agency function. The BKA has a modern, highly available and efficient IT infrastructure which forms the basis for the operation of joint software solutions. With the police information systems INPOL, PIAV and numerous other software solutions in the upper network level of the national police network and with the connection to international information systems, the BKA provides access to the central infrastructure for all German police forces. An example to be mentioned here is the SIENA roll-out which optimises information exchange at national and international level.

For over ten years, the Federal Government’s “Research for Civil Security” programme has been funding research and development of innovative, applied solutions that contribute to the security of its citizens. The programme is carried out by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). It focuses on the thematic areas of “Protection and Rescue of People”, “Protection of Critical Infrastructures” and “Protection against Crime and Terrorism”. Since 2007, more than 440 research projects have been funded with around 770 million euros. Partners from science and industry are working together with practitioners, such as criminal investigation and police authorities, to develop new organisational and technical prevention and investigation solutions. For example, new digital technologies and methods that better prevent and combat criminal and terrorist activities for that the prosecution of crimes can be even more targeted and faster in the future.

German Federal Police

The Federal Police is one of the main pillars of Germany’s security architecture. With over 48,000 employees, it is a highly efficient police force that can be deployed at home and abroad. The list of tasks is extensive: the federal police protects endangered constitutional bodies and ministries of the federal government and secures German ambassadors and properties in around 80 countries abroad. Along the national and maritime borders, it is responsible for border security and in the North and Baltic Seas – as part of the Federal Coast Guard – with its maritime component in action.

Equipped with state-of-the-art management and operational resources, federal police officers fight gangs of smugglers, cross-border crime, counter violent football fans, establish order in rail traffic or take on special protective tasks in air traffic. The Federal Police’s air service is always used when help from the air is required – at home and abroad. The federal police counters terrorism and serious violent crime with its GSG 9 special forces.

In coordination with the partners of the European Union and the United Nations, the Federal Police performs extensive police tasks and makes a valuable contribution to international security.

Bureau van Dijk – A Moody’s Analytics Company
Certainty is a highly-prized commodity in business. Data might be getting bigger all the time, but this only makes extracting value from it more difficult. We capture and treat private company information for better decision making and increased efficiency.
Bureau van Dijk, a Moody’s Analytics company, has extensive company data, corporate ownership structures and adverse data that delivers information on your customers and business partners, and the individuals behind them.
We help law enforcement and intelligence experts all over the world to validate companies through Orbis, the world’s most powerful comparable data resource on private companies. It contains information on more than 360 million companies; including directors, company structures, beneficial owners, PEPs and Sanctions and adverse news.
Sign up for a free trial under

We, Busch PROtective, are a global manufacturer of high-end ballistic, rescue and anti-riot helmets. With our 40 years of experience, we set the standards in the market of head protection systems.

Busch PROtective’s recipe for success is based on the firm conviction of giving absolute priority to the protection of people in police, special forces and rescue operations. Our conviction has become our mission.

We develop our products for and with our customers – in partnership and in close exchange. We drive innovative thinking and material research for our customers. We successfully apply our principles in consulting, designing, developing and manufacturing our helmets, visors, chin guards and accessories.

How we work? One example of many: Based on customer feedback, Busch PROtective introduced the world’s first and lightest non-metallic VPAM-certified helmet in 2015 – the AMP-1 TP. The helmet system offers users extremely high ballistic performance and reduced weight. Thanks to its modularity and protection features, the helmet can be configured in a user-friendly and task-specific manner. Due to its features, the AMP-1 TP has been selected as the exclusive ballistic head protection system for the US Department of Justice (FBI, DEA, US Marshals and ATF, among others).


During the European Police Congress 2021 you will find us at booth 51-52.

We will be happy to show you how we define precise task and real user needs to provide your teams with effective protection for real dangerous situations.

Busch PROtective Germany GmbH & Co. KG
Im Heidkamp 16
33334 Gütersloh
Tel.: +49 5241 50009-0

A global leader in consulting, technology services and digital transformation, Capgemini is at the forefront of innovation to address the entire breadth of clients’ opportunities in the evolving world of cloud, digital and platforms. Building on its strong 50-year heritage and deep industry-specific expertise, Capgemini enables organizations to realize their business ambitions through an array of services from strategy to operations. Capgemini is driven by the conviction that the business value of technology comes from and through people. It is a multicultural company of over 200,000 team members in more than 40 countries. The Group reported 2018 global revenues of EUR 13.2 billion.

Visit us at People matter, results count.

Canon Europe is the regional sales and marketing operation for Canon Inc., represented in 116 countries and employing 19,000 people across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Founded in 1937 with the specific goal of making the best quality camera available to customers, Canon’s tireless passion for the Power of Image has since extended its technology into many other markets and has established it as a world leader in both consumer and business imaging solutions.
Its solutions comprise products, ranging from digital compact and SLR cameras, through broadcast lenses and portable X-ray machines, to multi-function and production printers, all supported by a range of value added services.
Canon invests heavily in R&D to deliver the richest and most innovative products and services to satisfy customers’ creative needs. From amateur photographers to professional print companies, Canon enables each customer to realise their own passion for image.
Canon’s corporate philosophy is Kyosei – ‘living and working together for the common good’. In EMEA, Canon Europe pursues sustainable business growth, focusing on reducing its own environmental impact and supporting customers to reduce theirs using Canon’s products, solutions and services. Canon has achieved global certification to ISO 14001, demonstrating a world-class environmental management standard.

Cognitec develops market-leading face recognition technology and applications for enterprise and government customers around the world. Various independent evaluation tests have proven the premier performance of the FaceVACS® software. Cognitec’s portfolio includes products for facial image database search, recorded video investigation, real-time video screening and people analytics, border control, ICAO compliant photo capturing and facial image quality assessment. Corporate headquarters are located in Dresden, Germany; other offices in Rockland, MA, USA and Sydney, Australia. Cognitec’s product FaceVACS-DBScan LE enables fast import of video footage and detailed investigations of the extracted facial images. The software also compares facial images from any source to multi-million image databases and creates a match list of the most similar faces. Investigators can use image enhancement tools to improve match results, and then perform side-by-side inspections.

Dataport is a full service information technology provider for administrative bodies. The company is supported by the federal states of Bremen, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Schleswig-Holstein as well as the communal group “IT-Verbund Schleswig-Holstein”. Dataport is the only IT service provider in German administration that is jointly supported by the federal states and the local authorities.
The company offers both its state and local customers a broad range of products and services. These include voice and data transmission services, specialist software for administrative work, data protection and data security concepts, centralised procurement of IT hardware and software and training courses. Dataport is creating a uniform infrastructure for trans-regional e-government solutions. In addition, the IT company offers comprehensive customer support and provides all kinds of server and system operations in its data processing centres.
In Rostock, Dataport is running the tax system “Data Center Steuern” – a joint tax administration data processing centre for the federal states of Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Bremen, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt.
Dataport is a public-law institution and is headquartered in Altenholz near Kiel in Schleswig-Holstein. Additional offices are located in Hamburg, Rostock, Bremen, Lüneburg, Magdeburg and Halle. Dataport has a total of 3.000 employees and generated a turnover of 636 million Euros in 2018.

DERMALOG Identification Systems GmbH, with head offices in Hamburg, is Germany’s pioneer for biometric and the largest German manufacturer of biometric systems and devices. Founded in 1995, the company provides identification solutions including high-performance Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS) and Automated Biometric Identification Systems (ABIS) as well as the latest generation of fingerprint and document scanners. The product range is complemented by biometric border control systems, biometric identity cards and passports as well as biometric voting systems.
DERMALOG technology is currently used in more than 250 large-scale installations around the globe. The company’s products can be found in banking, public administration and law enforcement and protect the identities of millions of people in more than 100 countries.

The DPolG represents the vocational, social, economical and financial interests of German police employees also those who are retired. The main aim is to achieve better working and living conditions as well as improvement of German official and vocational rights. As thus, we are in contact with governments, parliaments and parties on federal and state level.

The headquarters of the DPolG is located in Berlin, but you will find DPolG representation in each of Germany´s 16 states representing the special needs of its members. Further more the DPolG represents two special associations for colleagues in Federal Border Guard (BPOL) and Federal Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BKA). You will find the addresses under the link “Landes-/Fachverbände”.

The DPolG has a “Bundeskongress” which sits in session every four years. The administration of the DPolG is selected and also trade union guidelines are discussed and agreed upon.

The DPolG is also member of the “European Police Union” (EPU) > <.

Further information can be found under the link “Wir über uns”. Please don´t hesitate to contact us by email:

Disy Informationssysteme GmbH

Disy is the leading supplier of solutions regarding data analysis and reporting for authorities in German-speaking countries. With state-of-the-art software and a passion for functional questions, we provide our customers with the foundation for making speedy data-based decisions, efficiently handling their reporting duties and specialized tasks. One of our proven areas of expertise is the seamless incorporation of spatial data into all data-supported processes. Our solutions are based on Cadenza, our software uniting data analytics, reporting and GIS in a unique manner. With Cadenza, Disy has created a platform for public administrations that allows for fast visualization and flexible blending of disparate databases. In-depth searches and analyses throughout all databases can be carried out from any workstation.  Situation overviews and automated reports are easily created. The platform can be fully integrated in safety-critical IT systems. The company is based in Karlsruhe, Germany. More information can be found at

Please contact:
Disy Informationssysteme GmbH
Ludwig-Erhard-Allee 6
76131 Karlsruhe

Jürgen Wiggering
Tel: +49 721 16006-000

DVZ M-V GmbH is the IT service provider for the M-V state administration with its headquarters in Schwerin. As a long-standing and competent partner to the public sector, we are already addressing questions regarding the modern administrative procedures and processes that will constitute tomorrow’s networked society.
We recognise the needs of our customers and develop smart solutions based on common ideas and political objectives. This is also reflected in our comprehensive service portfolio, which includes consulting, operations, development, procurement and infrastructure services.
Here, the need for the highest possible security, absolute data protection and permanent availability take top priority in terms of what we do. They are the benchmarks for the development of future-oriented, consistently networked services free of media discontinuity, as well as for the operation of our own data centre.
Having successfully completed certification according to ISO 27001 on the basis of IT Baseline Protection, we are one of the few data centres at state level to have its entire IT operation certified.

EXFO’s Homeland Security Division provides tactical communication intelligence solutions for Elite Police Units, Military Special Forces and Governmental Security Agencies worldwide. Leveraging years of experience in wired and wireless 2G, 3G, 4G, and selling one of the first 5G solutions since autumn 2019, EXFO Homeland Security Division provides covert solutions for mobile phone interrogation, direction finding, cellular/WiFi grabbing and network analysis. Our latest product introductions also include counter-UAV measures. EXFO’s solutions are highly configurable and scalable, making them ideal for Tactical-, Vehicle-, Fixed Site- and Airborne applications.

Exterro empowers legal teams to proactively and defensibly manage their Legal Governance, Risk and Compliance (Legal GRC) requirements. Our Legal GRC software is the only comprehensive platform that automates the complex interconnections of privacy, legal operations, digital investigations, cybersecurity response, compliance and information governance. Thousands of legal teams around the world in corporations, law firms, government and law enforcement agencies trust our integrated Legal GRC platform to manage their risks and drive successful outcomes at a lower cost.

The Police Union (GdP) was founded at federal level in Hamburg on 14 September 1950, celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. It emerged from the community of interests of the police officers’ associations in the British zone and West Berlin, which was formed on 16 March 1950 on a supra-regional basis from various police associations. Since then, the GdP has been open to all police officers (policewomen and policewomen, civil servants and tariff employees) as a professional representative. It organises around 190,000 members. Within the GdP, so-called groups of persons represent the specific interests of women, senior citizens and young police officers. The seat of the GdP is Berlin. The federal offices are located in Hilden/North Rhine-Westphalia and Berlin. They form the working levels of the Federal Executive Committee (GBV) of the Police Union. GdP has been a member of the German Confederation of Trade Unions since 1 April 1978.
The GdP is also represented at the European level with an office in the State Representation of Hesse (Rue Montoyer 21 in Brussels).

Homepage, also on Facebook and Twitter.

HAVERKAMP with headquarter in Münster develops, produces and installs security products for companies, administrations and authorities. More than 40 years of experience in the fields of glass, glass coatings and glass protection are incorporated into the products.
HAVERKAMP is one of the innovation leaders in the field of security technology and manufacturer of the worldwide known PROFILON® security films. The company operates its own film production facility in Münster, which is ISO 9001 certified. Moreover, the company develops also supervised security fences for airports, logistics centres and other areas. HAVERKAMP owns several patents and test certificates for its products, is a member of the most important security associations and partner of recognised institutes. The product development and production are guaranteed to be ‘made in Germany’. HAKAGARD® AM is one of the current product developments: a special transparent glass-foil laminate which can be installed in existing vehicle bodies due to its low thickness. HAKAGARD® AM has a bullet resistance classified according to VPAM 2 und 4. HAVERKAMP has developed this light armouring especially for the occupant protection of emergency vehicles and police buses.

The Heiligenfeld clinic in Berlin is the latest facility of the Heiligenfeld Group and was opened in September 2017. The clinic is located in a redeveloped building, that is listed for preservation, on the site of the accident hospital (UKB) and was founded in close collaboration with the UKB. We accept/ treat clients with a private insurance or a social insurance against occupational accidents as well as those who are able to afford the treatment themselves.
The therapeutic programm includes the treatment of the complete range of psychosomatic and psychological disorders. We offer special therapeutic concepts for executives, doctors and therapists, teacher, officials in law enforcement and persons of public life.
The Heiligenfeld Clinic in Berlin is a special place that can support you to cope with challenging life events and to overcome conflicts. The clinic offers a safe space of respect and provides a room and guidance, that is needed in order to recover and regain strength.
The foundation of our work is a therapy that is based on specific guidelines for different diagnoses as well as it includes and takes the individual experience, needs and backgrounds of the patients into account. We offer medical and psychosomatic treatments with body related therapies, creative methods and other supporting and integrative measures.

Heckler & Koch is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of small arms, with firmly established roots in Germany. Since 70 years, the company has been a reliable partner to security forces, the police and special forces of NATO and NATO-associated states. Heckler & Koch represents the highest of quality, as well as innovative products. Beyond this, Heckler & Koch is the only supplier of small arms to offer a comprehensive range of products incorporating pistols, machine pistols, assault rifles, precision rifles, machine guns, training systems, as well as 40 mm systems. In this context, individual categories of weapons have been conceptually designed to form a product family. In this way, Heckler & Koch offers a variable model range that is tailored towards the most varied of application requirements.

Heckler & Koch GmbH
Heckler & Koch-Straße 1
78727 Oberndorf a. N.

IABG offers advice on the following subjects:

  • Analysis of GNSS interference and safe navigation
  • From control centres and networked situation centres to safe city solutions
  • Cybersecurity and IT security

Officially authorised users on the technical, security-relevant and operational aspects of the Galileo PRS request our advice. IABG demonstrates ways to prevent and mitigate interferences with GNSS signals.
We assist you in planning to launch sustainable and innovative solutions for control and situation centres. Integrating processes, functions, technology, networks, IT security, safe city concepts and architectures drives our customers to success.
IABG supports the operation and further development of digital radio for safety and security services: radio field analyses and e2e service availability and modernisation of the access networks.
As a certified IT security service provider and independent consultant, we pave the way to “IT-Grundschutz”, SOC, SIEM, and CERT certifications.

From digital business to cognitive business – to assist companies of all sizes with the digital transformation of their business models and to harness the opportunities that digitalization offers them, IBM is focused on the growth initiatives Business Analytics, Cloud Computing, Mobile Enterprise, Social Business and Security. These strategic areas are for IBM the basis of both its constantly expanding solution portfolio and its progressive transformation into a cognitive solutions and cloud platform provider. Innovation is the core of the IBM strategy. With the IBM Watson Group, newly launched in January 2014, IBM underscores the importance of cognitive computing for the company in a new era of IT systems that can learn, argue and interact with humans in natural language. The cognitive system IBM Watson was designed to handle the analysis, evaluation and interpretation of enormous amounts of unstructured data in fractions of a second on the basis of natural language. It is able to collect information from data independently and to draw conclusions from it.

Since the company was founded in 2000, INNO has been developing Made in Germany software solutions for security agencies, civilian intelligence services and the military. Our product SCOPE offers a unique platform for correlating and analysing billions of data sets from a wide variety of sources.

We help you turn huge amounts of data into crucial insights at the right time. Knowledge that can prevent terrorist attacks, solve crimes and keep the peace. That’s what we pride ourselves on.

In the next 20 years, we still have a lot to do: In our newly built headquarters in Salem/Lake Constance, there is enough space to double our 70-strong team of experts.

What would you like to know?


IntraFind develops software products for efficiently searching, finding, and analyzing structured and unstructured information across all available data sources of a company or organization. Key aspects are full-text search and the complete range of text analysis and machine learning methods, as well as natural language processing, combined with the possibilities of graphical databases for big data analytics.
With the Elasticsearch-based insight engine iFinder5 elastic and numerous other search-based applications, the Munich- and New York City-based company offers the complete technology stack for content analytics. Based on artificial intelligence, classic full-text search turns into cognitive search that helps users make predictions and make the right decisions.
IntraFind’s customers include numerous DAX members, hidden champions, small, innovative companies and the public sector (e.g. German Federal Armed Forces, IHK Berlin, several federal and state criminal investigation offices).

itWatch stands for innovative IT security „made in Germany“
Focusing on the protection against advanced threats and data leakage itWatch supports “cyber-sanitizing” with its product itWash and helps international police organizations to keep their digital evidence data free from not intended parts like malware, macros, scripts, executables etc – while documenting those parts in detail.
For the public sector the worldwide unique features provided by the patented itWatch security solutions offer many benefits – especially in the area of cyber intelligence. The solutions equally meet the strict requirements of intelligence services, military (use up to DEU-CONFIDENTIAL and NATO-restricted) and police, and those of standard office workplaces / servers and special projects. With huge installations of well over 100.000 licenses in one site the itWatch solutions give daily proof of their stability and efficiency. All the itWatch products are developed, without any backdoors and without any addition purchased code, as well as tested inhouse at itWatch in Germany. The products are sold by channel partners all over the world.

JENETRIC are experts in digital fingerprint capturing technology. We develop and manufacture biometric sensors that meet the highest demands for image quality, capture speed and ease of use. Our solutions take a holistic approach to design. Not only do we focus on technical parameters but also on measurable efficiency in terms of performance and the noticeable improvement for users and agencies.
For us, biometric sensors are more than the mere acquisition of identity data. It is about the interaction between human and machine for the benefit of the user. Rather focusing on functional parameters only we take a holistic approach to product design.
Our fingerprint scanners LIVETOUCH QUATTRO and LIVETOUCH QUATTRO Compact represent a new class of compact and user friendly devices that will help to simplify and improve fingerprint capture processes.

Mobile technology changes the world. There are billions of mobile devices such as phones, tablets, GPS units and watches. Even where there are no computers, people use mobiles. Wherever we go, whatever we do, we bring our mobile devices.

This is also true for people who break the rules of society. They use mobile devices and that can be a good thing. Mobile technology leaves traces, like digital footprints. These can reveal a hidden world – a fragmented world at times, but a world that points to the truth. It is our task to help our customers search for that truth, in order to make the world a safer place.

MSAB takes responsibility for delivering the best possible solutions for mobile forensics. This means that we also stay ahead of the game; with our products and services, with our vision and energy, with our people and how we do things. We are the pioneers of our industry. Our promise is simple: MSAB – When you want to stay ahead.

NSO Group is a world-leading company that provides governments, law enforcement agencies and HLS units with cutting-edge technological solutions, designed to assist in preventing terrorism and crime. Our solutions support both target-centric and wide investigations and fit numerous operational scenarios.

  • Intelligence collection – collecting valuable, personal intelligence from diverse ecosystems and domains including mobile, IoT, web accounts and more, as well as collecting real-time intelligence for tactical units operating in the field.
  • Analytics – processing endless amounts of multiple data types to quickly highlight key events, patterns and anomalies, and produce actionable insights.
  • Counter drones – automatically detecting, taking over and safely landing unauthorized commercial drones in a designated zone.

OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Jena specializes in software for mapping analytical and administrative processes for emergency, rescue and police services (German abbreviation BOS). The portfolio includes e.g. evidence object management, forensic processing and case processing system.
With enaio®, administration of evidence and evidence objects can be recorded electronically. Complete proof, secure access and fast image acquisition and collection of evidence parameters are guaranteed.
enaio® forensic ensures uniform transaction processing. Existing IT systems can be integrated. We offer special solutions for various forensic areas, e.g. a laboratory information management system and a solution for visual trace comparison.
enaio® case management is focused on police requirements and enables the evaluation of mass data, management of major events and disasters. The range of functions includes integrated relation management and communication protocols analysis.

Palantir is a software company that builds the world’s leading platforms for data-driven operations and decision-making. Founded by Alex Karp and Stanford engineers in 2004, Palantir now has 25 offices and more than 2,500 employees across the world. We partner with government agencies, commercial institutions, and non-profit organizations to enable their digital transformations end-to-end and unlock the potential of their data assets while maintaining the highest standards in data protection and security. With some 100 employees working out of the quickly growing Munich office, Palantir is committed to the German market and has long-standing relationships with established corporate and government customers around the country.

Rohde & Schwarz, a world-leading supplier of test and measurement, cybersecurity, monitoring and network testing solutions, will highlight cutting-edge solutions for law enforcement agencies as well as internal and external security organizations. Learn more about our innovative solutions for network analytics and cybersecurity.

Collecting data, consolidating information and checking facts are core tasks of the staff of security organisations. The combatting of crime, terrorism, attacks from cyber space and the protection of national borders demand a high level of concentration and dedicated effort round the clock. These tasks can not be mastered without modern analysis and information systems.

rola Security Solutions is a specialist provider of information management solutions for the security sector, and is the number 1 partner for national and international authorities and organisations with security tasks. The company was founded in 1983, is based in Oberhausen, Germany, and is one of the most reliable providers of IT solutions in the fields of internal and external security. At the core of rola’s products and solutions is the software framework rsFrame, which combines information management with networked case processing and evaluation and analysis.

rola software was developed for a wide range of different challenges, products that can also be combined with one another.

  • Networked case management and analysis
  • Evidence Management
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Border Security
  • Biometrics, object detection in images and videos
  • Mass data analysis
  • Social Media analytics
  • Machine learning

Security is our business!
We are a consulting firm focusing on secure IT architectures, processes and information technologies – providing you excellent knowledge and implementing intelligent IT-solutions.
Partner of choice for integrated IT-consulting!
Trusted, modern and efficient IT-projects build explicitly on key software products with secure IT-infrastructures and a high quality of data processing capabilities.
Our expertise encompasses …

  • Project management
  • Software development

You benefit through economic and efficient solutions provided by our team with expert knowledge, diverse experience and excellent communication skills.
In addition, we provide you with …

  • Assistance in selecting the right IT-solution for your needs
  • Conceptualising individual development agendas
  • An all-in-one service which incorporates development, setup and continuous support
  • Tailor-made solutions specifically for governmental or healthcare application

SAS is the leader in analytics. Through innovative software and services, SAS empowers and inspires customers around the world to transform data into intelligence.
Since 1976 SAS has been providing customers with THE POWER TO KNOW®. SAS Germany has its headquarters in Heidelberg and offices in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich.
SAS is implemented in all different industries and public sector.
SAS helps more than 150 police organizations worldwide to manage their intelligence, analyse the output and therefore deter and detect criminal activities more efficiently. The SAS software solutions for police forces have been develop with extensive input from Police services globally. They enable police forces to analyse complex situations very quickly and plan future activities better, enhancing public safety and providing protection from terrorism and crime.

Schönhofer Sales and Engineering GmbH is a leading consulting service provider and supplier of highly developed analytics solutions and IT systems for police, authorities and corporate customers at home and abroad.
Our focus is on the development and integration of software systems as well as consulting and training of our customers.
In the area of Big Data, we offer TARAN P2IS (Police and Intelligence Information System), a specialised security solution (based on the IBM i2 analytics products) for the challenges of police and agencies.
The creation of analyses and concepts based on current standards in the field of information security and data protection as well as the assistance in the implementation of modern management systems are among our core competences.
Schönhofer Sales and Engineering GmbH is certified according to the current standards ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO/IEC 20000-1 (IT service management) and ISO/IEC 27001 (information security).

secunet is one of the leading German providers of high-quality IT security. The Homeland Security division assists security agencies in protecting society and the state from crime, terrorism and similar threats. It also supports civil protection organisations. Security organisations in all sectors operate IT-supported systems and increasingly rely on digital processes to perform their tasks. The Homeland Security division offers customised, holistic and intelligent IT security solutions on a national and international scale. These include high-performance products, customised developments and highly specialised consulting services covering for example enrolment and processing of biometric data; stationary, mobile and automated border control, e.g. mobile systems for identity checks supporting modern police work; solutions for more secure police networks with improved performance as well as highly secure mobile workstations in the public sector. Meet us at booth No. 21, floor B.

SINC is a German IT corporation providing advanced consulting services and cutting edge software development with an attenuated focus on public sector demands. The company SINC was established in 1999 and is employing +200 dedicated experts. The SINC headquarter is located in Wiesbaden. SINC also operates a Berlin Capital Office.

SIOEN BALLISTICS OY is part of the SIOEN group, based in Ardooie, Belgium.

Marketing in the German-speaking countries, is done by SIOEN DEUTSCHLAND GmbH.

The SIOEN Group produces technical textiles, clothing, has 49 branches and production sites worldwide, as in Romania, Tunisia, Myanmar and Indonesia, with a total number of 4,500 employees. The products are marketed worldwide. In the field of ballistics, SIOEN BALLISTIC OY in Finland develops and produces ballistic vests and ballistic shields with the most modern machines and systems that meet all protection levels and required standards. The ballistic vests as well as tactical plate carriers are manufactured under the highest quality criteria. The production is regularly monitored in our own shooting laboratory.

We attach particular importance to the optimal fit and comfort of the ballistic vests for all climatic regions. For this we use the best materials from our partners / suppliers.

The target groups are security companies, police and military as well as the special forces. European police and military have been relying on our company’s innovative and high quality products for many years. Since 2018 we have been equipping the entire Austrian police force with concealed vests and gilets, with ballistic- and stab protection. Our qualified staff advise our customers and offer the most suitable products. We are convinced that we will continue to satisfy our customers in the future and be able to offer you the best products.

Innovation for multi agency control centres

The newly developed command and control system Sopra Steria MACCS for multi agency control centres is the main focus of our trade fair appearance.

Sopra Steria presents the agile version of its Sopra Steria MACCS command and control system, the preceding version of which has been used by the Berlin Fire service for over 17 years. This enhanced system is suitable for police use in multi ageny control centres thanks to state-of-the-art technology and a fresh interface design, fully newly developed in cooperation with the TU Berlin.

We create security strategies and concepts and monitor our customers’ and partners’ security structures. Our specialists have worked together with federal and state authorities for many years and offer extensive experience in federal security within Germany.

stashcat® as end-to-end encrypted police messenger is inserted national and international in mission critical authorities. Two of these state projects are “HePolChat” in Hesse and “”NIMes” in Lower Saxony which use the stashcat® technology since 2018 nationwide.
The stashcat® Messenger is compliant with GDPR. stashcat® is addressed to corporations, public authorities and Mission Critical Authorities and meet the requirements of confidential communication and data exchange. The messenger combines the functionalities of well-known messengers and cloud applications, as WhatsApp and Dropbox. The solution is hosted in our German datacentre in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act (Germany) or on premise. The further features are for instance a mobile number independent contact database with LDAP interface, a real end-to-end encryption and georeferencing. All mobile devices (iOS & Android) and static terminals (PC, MAC, Notebook) are supported. Furthermore, stashcat® can also be operated and branded as an own app.
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SVA System Vertrieb Alexander GmbH is one of the leading system integrators in Germany. The company has a workforce of more than 1,200 employees at 19 different locations. Thanks to this well-established, nationwide branch network, our customers are guaranteed comprehensive support and short distances to our offices. SVA’s company goal is to achieve high-quality IT solutions for our customers. Among our clients are authorities and institutions at federal, state and local levels, authorities for domestic and international security, companies from the automotive industry, telecommunications, banks, insurance companies and the healthcare sector. The public sector office specialises in the sale of hardware and software from various well-known manufacturers alongside the sale of corresponding IT services; from conception, planning and consulting through to the integration and operation of system solutions and specialist applications for public clients.

T3K-Forensics brings artificial intelligence to mobile forensics, developing unique software solutions for automated analysis of smartphone data extractions, to help simplify and speed up mobile forensic investigations. Our analytic approach is the first of its kind.
It uses data from smartphone extractions to automatically report data about the phone’s holder’s identity, country of origin and travel routes, as well as quickly searching images for specific contents, such as weapons or terroristic symbols.
T3K-Forensics’ analytic solutions are used by law enforcement and immigration authorities, complementary to the most commonly used smartphone extraction toolkits.

Teamwire is much more than a secure messaging app for public authorities, police and security forces. Teamwire solves the WhatsApp problem, simplifies communication and improves team collaboration. Our secure messaging app also helps to automate workflows and enables easy coordination of emergencies with alerting features. Teamwire is fully GDPR-compliant and a completely encrypted solution. As a German provider we ensure the highest levels of data protection, security and usability, that are appreciated by leading organizations like the police and ministries. For more information visit:

ULBRICHTS Protection from Schwanenstadt (Austria), a division of ULBRICHTS GmbH, manufactures ballistic helmets made of titanium and titanium hybrid. The company’s international clientele includes various police and military units. ULBRICHTS Protection is one of the pioneers in the field of ballistic head protection and regularly sets new technical standards in terms of protection, comfort and design. The ZENTURIO helmet series for special units, the HOPLIT for patrol officers and the OPTIO for riot police units are considered groundbreaking in their segment.

Since 2007, VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH (VDI TZ) has been the project management agency for the national civil security research programme on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.
Our customers benefit from comprehensive experience from the development to the implementation and evaluation of research programmes: As a leading innovation service provider, VDI TZ has been successfully supporting ministries of the Federal Government, the Länder and the European Commission in solving ecological, economic and social challenges since 1975. VDI TZ accompanies strategy, dialogue and innovation processes for its customers at the interface of business, science, politics and public administration. Its work focuses on all seminal technological and social fields. VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH, headquartered in Düsseldorf and with branch offices in Berlin and Bonn, is a wholly owned, economically independent subsidiary of the VDI Group.

VITRONIC is one of the world’s leading traffic enforcement companies. We offer national agencies and private service providers systems for speed enforcement, red light enforcement and number plate recognition.

The high-performance technologies of the POLISCAN product family ensure more safety on the roads. The POLISCAN FM1 offers maximum flexibility – stationary monitoring from the pillar, autonomous with the ENFORCEMENT TRAILER or mobile. Moreover, VITRONIC has the all-inclusive package: In addition to the POLISCAN systems, software solutions ensure smooth data import and processing.

Since its founding in 1984, VITRONIC has been growing steadily and today has more than 1000 employees on four continents. VITRONIC serves its international customers through subsidiaries and a worldwide network of partners. Development and production are located at the company headquarters in Wiesbaden.

Zebra empowers the front line of business in retail/ecommerce, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, healthcare and other industries to achieve a performance edge. With more than 10,000 partners across 100 countries, Zebra delivers industry-tailored, end-to-end solutions that intelligently connect people, assets and data to helps customers make business-critical decisions. Zebra’s market-leading solutions elevate the shopping experience, track and manage inventory as well as improve supply chain efficiency and patient care. Ranked on Forbes’ list of America’s Best Employers for the last four years, Zebra helps customers capture their edge.
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