The 20th European Police Congress, organised by the newspaper Behörden Spiegel, on 21st and 22nd  February 2017 in Berlin deals with the topic „Europe – boundless? liberty, mobility, security“. With its two-day main programme and more than 20 panel sessions, where numerous further strategic and technical topics are discussed, and about 1,500 national and international participants, the European Police Congress is Europe´s leading conference-fair on homeland security.

Top Speakers, e. g.:

The security debate will not lose momentum or will become less important in 2017. Terrorism, arson attacks against refugee houses, extreme left-wing violence, property crime and cybercrime – all these threat situations have in common that they do not stop at state borders or intensified by a changing border regime. To counteract these phenomena more stringent, a stronger cooperation, not only between the EU member states, is necessary.
The 20th European Police Congress therefore focuses in its anniversary year on the title: Europe – boundless?